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The Landmark Builders has been providing quality window and door replacements for many years. Our leak-proof, impact-resistant, and energy efficient window and door replacements are manufactured in our Canadian Choice Windows and Doors facilities by our experienced train-in house team of staff.

With professionalism and quality workmanship, we’re committed to bringing the best of quality products and service to your door at LESS of a price.

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Window and Door Replacement

Available options for windows

It will be easy for you to choose from the provided list. Your current options are:
Polymer windows: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) windows are the best in terms of cost, insulation, and trend. No need to worry about their maintenance.
Composite windows: Their mixed properties combine the features of superficial attractiveness and in-depth insulation form the polymer. They can fulfill the requirement of your low- budget.
Woody windows: These are easy to handle. You can make customized styles on such windows. On the other hand, they require proper maintenance and can be expensive when going for a high-quality wood.
Metal windows: Mostly used metal is aluminium, which has lustrous texture and allows your window to shine on its own. They don’t need abundant alimentation. Their insulating power is not good

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Window frames and operating types

When it comes to selecting new windows, the frame materials and operating types should fall under consideration to improve durability, functionally, and aesthetics of a home.

Aluminum or Metal Frames Aluminum or Metal Frames require very little maintenance and yet a great variety of choices in hues, sizes, and shapes. However, these window frames conduct heat rapidly, which makes it an inferior insulating material.

Composite Frames Composite window frames consist of composite wood products such as laminated strand lumber and particleboard. This composite ensures stability, decay resistance, and better moisture.

Fiberglass Frames Fiberglass window frames are stable and have air cavities that can be filled with insulation, allowing excellent thermal performance.

Vinyl Frames Vinyl window frames have excellent moisture resistance and do not require painting. This window frame is made of PVC with UV stabilizers to restrain sunlight from breaking the material.

Wood Frames Wood window frames insulate well while having an aesthetic advantage. However, rigorous maintenance is required.

Window and Door Replacement